6 Things You Need to Know for Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

Making Digital Marketing "Business as Usual" in 2017

You’re almost there. Or you’re not…

Digital Marketing Strategy

Making Digital Marketing “Business as Usual” in 2017

The world we live in today is social, mobile and cloud based. If you think business is anything different you are most likely missing out on incredible volumes of clients and sales. Before we get on the subject of “Digital Marketing Strategy”, let’s look to Google for the answers…

 The sheer index of websites on file with Google should be an eye-opener to even the most reluctant of Business Owners. To give you an idea of how large the internet is, Google has now crawled 5.1 billion pages and continues to grow daily. I’ll go even further and compare that to the number of people on planet earth. There could be 1 webpage dedicated to every person over the age of 13 and there would still be 1.3 billion webpages left over.

So the question becomes: How do potential customers find my business?

In the Online Digital Marketing field of professionals, we’ve all got stories of that “one client” that was so “old-school” we had to “make them get a website”. And on the other end of the spectrum, it’s painful to watch some business owners and companies continuously shoot themselves in the foot and waste dollar after dollar in an endless spiral of meaningless spending in the wrong areas of marketing and advertisement.

So, Let’s Talk Strategy…

Just like all business practices, the best results come from sound tactics, proven techniques and repeatable procedures. A fundamental understanding of your target client, consumer behaviors and how to deliver your message is what drives all of those to successful implementation. Put all of those together and that is the essence of what “strategy” really boils down to.

Digital Marketing is Business as Usual… Except on the Internet

Don’t overthink this too much at the moment. Through my experience, there are only 3 basic reasons why people shy away from Online Digital Marketing. None of them are good, but they somehow exist.

1. Scared of the unknown and don’t know where to start.

2. Hell bent on overnight results with low budgets.

3. Overthinking the entire process using misguided “thoughts”, “gut feelings” and simple “mis-information”.

Get this simple thought in your mind…

“Digital Marketing is Business as Usual… Except THAT IT IS ON the Internet”

There is no real difference between selling your product face to face than selling the same product on the internet. I know there are some people that don’t believe that, but I’m going to try to change your mind… because its fact. Today. Right Now. In 2017. There is no real difference between selling online and selling in a brick and mortar storefront.

And I know you’re thinking, “But… I am a salesman and I can let them touch my product in person”, or, “Face to face allows people to see my personality and I can overcome objections”. Yes. That is true, however, I will challenge that with the correct Digital Marketing Strategy, you can still do all of that… sometimes better than in person because you can have multiple chances.

If you make the decision to implement a well designed Digital Marketing Program into your routine daily business duties, you will see an entirely new area of growth for your business in 2017.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Start at the End

The best salesman in the world knows a few things better than everyone else. He knows his customer, how to get in front of them and how to solve their problems. By problems, I mean he might be solving the pressing issue of what in the world they will be spending money on today, or why their dog needs another pair of shoes. The point is, a true salesman can sell anything he can speak intelligently about… if he has the proper audience and knows the end goal.

Now, what if you could be that same salesman,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week???

These days… you can!

And, you can do it in a way that gives you multiple opportunities to covert the sale.

(You can read more about that here: 11 Chances to Sell Your Product or Services.)

In fact, most all successful sales people know exactly what they want prior to going into a meeting, interview, or demonstration with a potential client. You may even have a meeting with your own staff … prior to the client meeting … about the client meeting.

We brainstorm contingencies and “what-ifs” and “what nows”, all in an effort to close the sale. Generally speaking, and with the exception of real estate, most salesmen do not want to sell 1 of any item. We all want to sell multiple items, or up-sell item to a higher value item. Accessories fall in there. Follow on services are an option. The point is, you need to know what you want from every potential customer at the end of every exchange you have.

You don’t ALWAYS need to make a sale!!! I’ll say it again. You don’t ALWAYS need to make a sale!!!

You may design certain strategies around obtaining an email address or a phone number, but the best strategies are designed around goodwill and real, honest, sincere, accurate, professional advice. If you become an Authority Figure, in your area of expertise, to a potential customer, you exponentially raise your likelihood of selling your product or service.

If we know in the end, we want to sell “x” product, with “y” residual service, then we can start working on the Campaign Design.

2. Digital Marketing Strategy: Design

At the core, a Digital Marketing Strategy must answer four simple questions:

1. Who is my main “Target Client”?

2. What is their main “Pain Point”?

3. How can I solve their problem?

4. How do I get them to see me?

With these 4 simple questions, you can begin to build your Customer Avatar and begin the design of your Digital Marketing Campaign.

-A Digital Marketing Campaign is nothing more than series of steps designed to sell products or services to a new or defined audience or channel.  If you run one Facebook Ad for a specific product, that is known as a campaign.

Today’s online campaigns require more than simply showing your audience on 15 second video ad. You can learn more about Facebook Video Ads here.

-A Customer Avatar is known in the Digital Marketing Industry as a clearly defined client who has the means and opportunity to buy a specific product or service. Almost half of the time, the actual people who buy the most of any given product or service are different than the business owner’s original idea of the “perfect client”.

Client Avatar Worksheet Download

Client Avatar Selection is the First Step to Advertising Responsibly

3. Digital Marketing Strategy: Client Targeting

Defining your Target Client, is the first step to your entire Digital Marketing Campaign because it gives a clear direction on where to start the search for your Avatar. I emphasize “search” because this is the not a “1 and done” press of a button. And, remember, the Avatar is the one who actually buys, not necessarily the one who you think may buy.

Its a continuing process of honing, refining, critiquing, sampling, testing, modifying and re-targeting to be successful. You are searching for potential customers! You are not standing around waiting for them to find you.

All consumers act differently based on a whole host of factors, including lifestyle, income, age brackets, social circles, and even by their normal search platform whether that is a smartphone or a desktop computer.

If your Target Client is a male, preferably with children, homeowner, between the ages of 50-65, with a 7-figure income and interests in the stock market, some of you may completely shy away from something like Facebook Advertising for your product.

If your Target Client is a female, student, between the ages of 12-16, who’s parents have a 7-figure income, then you might think Facebook Advertising is the only way to find them.

Both of those are right… and both are wrong.

In the example above, the teenaged girl and the father may live in the same home. In fact, the item you have to offer could be the perfect gift for the teenaged girl.

If you are only targeting the girl as your audience, you could miss the opportunity to show up for the searching father. In the end, you may find out that your Avatar is really dear ole’ dad.

The incredible power of the internet is the ability to search topics and find answers. The same holds true for Digital Marketing when done effectively.

High-end Digital Marketing Firms do not search just one topic or one platform for your customers.

They use a vast array of known sources and search for new outlets to suggest your products to potential customers, and they do it by really defining the Avatar.

So how does a Digital Marketing Strategy find ALL of the potential clients?

The answer is simple. It can’t. However, you can set the strategy to find more, and convert more, than you ever have before on a fraction of the budget you would spend on any other platform.

4. Digital Marketing Strategy: Hit the Pain Point

Every single person who ever bought anything had a pain point. All of them.

There is no exception to this rule.

“Pain Points” are the reasons you buy something. They can be big or small. They can be “needs” or “wants”.

No one ever bought anything “just because”. There was a reason somewhere.

It seemed like a good idea for long enough for them to reach for the wallet.

Your mission in every sale is to find that “one reason” that is good enough for your customer to open the checkbook or enter their credit card number.

When done properly, the likelihood of repeat sales is much greater than anyone that visits a brick and mortar store.

With the proper Digital Marketing Strategy, you will set up most of your Digital Marketing Campaigns with a method to track customer trends based on their pain points and their interactions to those pain points. Major companies have actually created pain points out of thin air, a lot of dollars, and highly effective marketing campaigns.

Here are some examples of those: 12 of the Best Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of All Time.

Most of the time, it is possible to serve the same customer the same exact product or service in a different way, or addressing a different pain point, and get the desirable action.

Creative thinking is your best friend when you are figuring out pain points for your Avatar.

5. Digital Marketing Strategy: How Can I Solve the Problem

Your product or service my address the Pain Point of your customer in some form or fashion. The truth is, you could be solving an issue they don’t even know they have.

I’ve got two words for you: Got Milk?

One of the most successful marketing campaigns was not even targeted at new customers. It was targeted at existing milk drinkers and basically gave them they idea that they weren’t consuming enough milk.

The Toy Industry has sold to parents and children alike with Saturday morning commercials between cartoons.

The commercials are designed to be the perfect balance between two viewing audiences watching simultaneously.

The language in the beginning is focused towards the kids to generate interest, the language near the end is focused toward the adult and how to buy, the final language is back to the kids to create urgency. “Have your parents call now.”

Even the visual appeal is changed during each segment of the commercial.

Sometimes the commercials show children having a great time playing with the toy in the beginning, then changing to include an adult playing with the kids and effectively creating the idea that this toy will allow you to have fun while playing with your own children.

In both of the Marketing Strategies mentioned above, the goal of sales was not conventional.

The introduction of solving a problem is still present though. The reason? It works. All the time. Every time.

If you can locate your Avatar, introduce them to their Pain Points (even if they don’t know they have the problem in the first place) and you can solve the problem, you will sell them the product or service.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy: Build for the Long Term

No strategy will reach its fullest potential if it does not have certain key elements focused around longevity. And historically, most campaigns have a shelf life of months, not years.

So, build your Digital Marketing Strategy to layer your individual Marketing Campaigns. In short, diversify!

In the beginning, spread your budget over several small campaigns to different market groups. Work to find your Avatar. Then Listen!!!

If you are getting interactions, but aren’t making the transition to your Call to Action, do not be afraid to tweak your campaign.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to change the entire ad. Think about what your Avatar is really saying. Think. Think. Think.

Let me give you an example:

Remember “Dear ole’ Dad” we spoke of earlier in this post?

What if he really is your Avatar, but he never actually bought the product. Did he not what it? Was it price? Or… was the landing page credit card submission button not working properly?

Let’s say we targeted “Dear ole’ Dad” through Facebook where we served him with a Video Marketing Ad.

He watched the video and clicked through to a landing page. On the landing page we allowed him to purchase the product through a shopping card but also gave him a 20% Off Coupon Offer if he entered his email address. “Dear ole’ Dad” enters his email address and we serve him the coupon… then nothing.

He never enters his credit card number to make the purchase.

What happened?

The answer is usually “Life”. Life happened. The phone rang. The dog barked. The daughter walked in. The boss called. The T.V. said something interesting. The internet stalled. The clock said he was late for something else.

That is not a reason for us to tweak an ad or the campaign flow.

This is a great reason to remarked to “Dear ole” Dad” and remind him of our great product and tell him that he didn’t complete his order. If need be, tell him several times.

Now, we may start tweaking if we get high traffic to the landing page but no conversions to sales.

Or if no one is giving their email addresses. Or if no one is getting to the landing page.

Once you answer all of those scenarios, make another one. Exactly the same, different audience. Or same audience, different Pain Point.

The expansion is infinite and you should always strive to find that next audience.

The more ad sets you are testing on lower budgets, the faster you will see what is getting traction inside of each audience.

Turn the money up on the ones that are working and turn the money down on the ones that under perform.

The Review: 6 Things You Need to Know for Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Start at the End

2. Design (for the desired goal)

3. Find your Avatar

4. Hit the Pain Points

5. Solve a Problem

6. Build for the Long Term

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