11 Chances to Sell Your Products or Services to the Same Potential Customer

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the Easiest Way to Increase Your Chance of Sale

Every person on the planet is a customer to someone. All of them. However, the chances of any business selling their product to every single person on Earth is not so great.

So the question becomes: How do I increase the chances of sale to each person that see me?

Unlike print ads like magazines and newspapers, a well planned Digital Marketing Strategy can give you multiple opportunities to serve potential customers with different methods to purchase your products or services, and they can give you the much needed data to know how effective you are being with your ads. If you want multiple chances to sell your products and serves to the same potential customer, you need a solid Digital Marketing Strategy.

So, Let’s Talk Concept…

The idea behind this method of Digital Marketing is simple but I want to give you a separate analogy to give you a better understanding.

When large entities want to train large numbers of people for a specific critical task, they must ensure the training is designed to give maximum results for the people receiving the information. The military, for example, understands that all people learn by 1 of 4 ways, or the combination of the 4. Hearing, Reading, Seeing, or Practical Application (Doing).

Every class in the military is designed to meet those requirements. In fact, they have many classes on how to make and deliver proper classes. Every course is exactly the same structure.

They start in a classroom with introductions to the Instructor and “why you should listen to him or her”. That is immediately followed by “Death by PowerPoint”. The instructor must read every word on the screen and allow the students to follow along. The next thing is always followed by physically showing the steps with real objects. The next step is always Practical Application where the students must repeat the steps they have just learned.

If we apply the same idea of learning to potential customers, we will find many of the same unique qualities. Give them a reason to listen, they probably will. Give them a reason to read, they probably will. And last, but not least, give them a reason to watch, they probably will. But, this is the tricky part, you need to get them to “DO”.

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1. Introduce Yourself as an Authority Figure with Free Advice.

This seems really funky to many Business Owners, but the ones that embrace this simple step are the ones that truly begin to excel. The last thing we want to do is to start posting our resume or sound as though we are boasting and bragging about how great we are. However, there is a way to accomplish this valuable point without making the potential customer feel inferior or turned off.

No matter what business you are in, you have information that you can pass along for free. At Mobius Media Solutions, we refer to this as “Goodwill”. We gladly offer free advice and accurate information to anyone who asks. We don’t worry about competitors “stealing our secrets” or “taking all of our ideas”. That simply holds us back from truly building value in our own brand.

To be clear, I’m not telling you to share your Trademarked content, or the inner workings of some piece of software, or other intellectual property. I’m talking about simple “how-to’s” and “whys”.

Quick Examples:

Photography Business – The 3 best times of day for outdoor photos.

Financial Planner – The 5 best ways to save money over 20 years, 10 years, 5 years.

Dog Groomer – The top products to wash your animals with between grooming visits.

Car Salesman – The top 10 cars that hold their value for 5 years.

Local Gym Owner – 12 ways to eat healthy on the go.

These are all very easy ways for you to “Show off your knowledge” and add value for any audience. If you speak intelligently, you give real advice, and you don’t try to sell a thing, you will find that many people will start to look at you as an Authority Figure.

2. Introduce your Product or Service as a Real Solution.

After you become an Authority Figure, start giving more information to the same audience. This time however, you can offer a problem… and a solution. You can do this by price points or by the professionalism that your company provides. It can be based on value or level of experience. The options are endless.

The only stipulation is on delivery. No matter what you say… Make sure you can deliver!

Same Quick Examples:

Photography Business – 5 Beautiful Photo Locations for Under $500.

Financial Planner – Having trouble meeting your financial goals? Try using this tool.

Dog Groomer – Does your dog suffer from Dog Grooming anxiety? Our Trained Staff doe this…

Car Salesman – Finding it hard to get the right price for your used car? We have this deal…

Local Gym Owner – Join the club that just lost a combined 1000 lbs in 120 days.

As you can see, we are providing a solution to a problem in different ways. The sky is the limit on how many ways you can say the same thing. You can also say something different to the same potential customer if they don’t give you the desired interaction. (We’ll talk more about this later).

3. Collect Contact Information.

If you have gotten in front of a potential customer more than once, you need to start collecting contact information. This can be through email, mobile number, or by pixels. You could also get addresses, but that makes it harder to continue the Digital Marketing Dialog for your ReMarketing Campaign.

Same Quick Examples:

Photography Business – Enter your email to Schedule an Appointment.

Financial Planner – Enter your email to receive a free Finance Check-up Worksheet.

Dog Groomer – Enter your mobile number for a 50% off coupon.

Car Salesman – Email us a picture of your car and we’ll give you a free trade-in amount

Local Gym Owner – Join our Facebook Group and we’ll give you free diets plans daily.

4. Collect Data on Customer Actions.

One of the hardest things for Business Owners to do is to understand how effective their ads are really being. In cold hard fact: How much am I putting in? – How much did I get in return?

There is absolutely no way to see how many people reacted to a printed ad. None. You may know how many people brought in a printed coupon or how many people mention seeing your magazine ad. Now ask yourself this: How many people thought it was great but forgot where they saw the ad? How many people wanted to call but forgot about it all together?

With proper Digital Marketing, you can track every single one of those actions and give the customer a friendly reminder to act. At the end of the day, if you collect data and use it appropriately, your ROI will increase… drastically. Otherwise, you really are losing valuable leads that may have just forgotten to call you on Monday after seeing you on Sunday night.

5. Retarget Customers with Follow-On Information.

Sometimes customers are intrigued by your original content category, but they may be more educated on the topic than your offer appealed to, or, vice versa. Maybe they already know what you told them and what you said was “old news”. Or maybe, for an expert like you, your content was still too complicated for the uneducated customer.

The easiest way to solve that is by serving a second or third ad to the same potential customers. This could be a survey geared toward understanding their experience within your niche. Or, you could run 2 separate pieces of content designed to separate the “Rookie” from the “Seasoned” customer based.

The point is: Give them another reason to look at you as an Authority Figure.

6. Ask for the Desired Action.

There is nothing wrong with ask for what you want. In the Digital Marketing Industry, we call this a “Call to Action”. Click here to Subscribe. Click to Call. Enter your Email Address here. Call Now!

If you don’t tell your customers how to respond, you are missing out on valuable actions to your business. One word of advice, do not go overboard. This is a turn off to must customers. Its best to think about it like this: How can I make it easy, but not redundant on the same ad or page?

7. Retarget Customers with a Limited-Time Offer.

Creating urgency is a great way to get people to act now. However, I do not suggest this method if there is no real time limit. Nothing will irritate customers more than something they consider to be false advertising. If it’s only good until the end of the month… take away the offer at the end of the month.

Retargeted customers are great to give “special deals” to because you have already verified their interest in your product or service. These deals could be of greater dollar value than offers you put out to the general public. This is based on the idea that you can win their business for future revenue because they are already validated as someone with the means and opportunity to buy your products or services and you can retarget them at a later with more offers.

8. Give an Opportunity to Buy Easily.

Customers want fast, easy, good deals. They don’t want to struggle to buy something, especially online, because the entire concept of online purchasing is convenience. Make sure your product or service is well described, like you would do if you were standing in front of the customer, hit the Pain Points, and give them the price. Or, tell them how they can get the price.

A lot of high dollar products and service provider are scared to death to give their pricing online. The thought is: “I sell more after they meet me on the phone or in person”. This simply isn’t the case anymore for online purchasers. The only time I recommend not sharing your price is if you truly don’t know. If there are too many variables to give an accurate price, then I recommend at least giving an estimate between the high-end and the low-end. ($10,000-$32,000)

If you are running an effective Digital Marketing Campaign, you should be able to build value, present a price, and get a positive response with a verifiable ROI.

9. Make Your Ad Repeat in Different Locations.

Every Digital Marketing Campaign should have a splintered section for location targeting. Even companies that support national and international sales should take advantage of geolocation focused ad spends. This could be based on data showing a particular interest in certain locations, or it could simply be the cheapest places for you to ship your products.

Once you have determined those areas, and the ads that work best, and your Client Avatar, move one major city over and repeat the process.

(Learn More about Client Avatars here)

10. Serve a New Ad with a Separate Pain Point.

Remember in Step 5 (Retarget Customers with Follow-On Information) we talked about the information category was appealing, but the content just didn’t pull them into making the desired action? Well, this is another way to get them to take that action.

Serving a new ad for the same product or service, addressing a different Pain Point may be the answer. Maybe they don’t care about “this” but they really care about “that”. Using proper analytics, controlled Digital Media Campaigns, and A/B split ads will help you make these decisions.

11. Serve a Second Ad for Validation or Value Added Content.

Once you have served all 10 of the previous steps to each customer, you have basically run each potential customer through your Sales Funnel. If you still don’t get the desired action, you can try to serve a second ad like the one you provided in Step 1(Introduce Yourself as an Authority Figure with Free Advice).

If they react to this second ad, they will automatically be placed back into your sales funnel and you get the same 11 Chances to Sell Your Products and Services to the Same Potential Customer all over again.

The Review: 11 Chances to Sell Your Products and Services to the Same Potential Customer

1. Introduce Yourself as an Authority Figure with Free Advice.

2. Introduce your Product or Service as a Real Solution.

3. Collect Contact Information.

4. Collect Data on Customer Actions.

5. Retarget Customers with Follow-On Information.

6. Ask for the Desired Action.

7. Retarget Customers with a Limited-Time Offer.

8. Give an Opportunity to Buy Easily.

9. Make Your Ad Repeat in Different Locations.

10. Serve a New Ad with a Separate Pain Point.

11. Serve a Second Ad for Validation or Value Added Content.

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