Our Process

1. Business & Marketing Audit

In your business, you have many different customer personas, and each has vastly different buying habits, pain points, and qualities they value in a business. So you would think that most other video production companies or digital marketing agencies would take this into account. However, most (if any) do not.

Unlike every other video production company under the sun, we engineer our videos to be tailored specifically to meet the needs and desires of your specific customer niches. So, if you’re a chiropractor, we would engineer a video designed to target a young person who has been into an auto accident very differently than someone who is looking to switch to a new doctor, and we would create separate digital marketing sales funnels to build an opportunity to generate leads from both potential entry points.

From audience research to the customer journey and sales funnel, we take a close look from the top down.

2. Create a Custom Battle Plan

We develop a detailed 12-month plan to achieve specific business goals through various forms of paid marketing.
Based on the thurough audit and collaboration, we will develop a 12-month plan to reach your business goals through paid marketing and with a focus on video production.
We do Facebook the right way- with a strategic plan centered around high-quality video production. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s first community town hall, in which he took questions from the public on a range of topics, that, “In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video.” We are at the bleeding edge of video marketing, and we leverage the power of Facebook to extend our hyper-targeted campaigns and messaging to exactly the people we’re hoping to reach.
  • People watch Facebook live videos 3x more.
  • 8 billion video views per day.
  • Video posts increased 94% in 2015.
  • Video has 135% greater reach than photo.

3. Scale & Test

We take action by constantly testing, analyzing the results, and seeing what worked. to progress even further.

Our process involves warming up a target audience with a video that simply tells the basic story of your business, and introduces your face and brand in a receptive light before we begin any type of advertising.

We then target the audiences we’ve identified with a Facebook ad that highlights their specific painpoints and presents them with an opportunity to claim your offer/value add/incentive. If they choose to redeem the offer, they’ll be taken to a custom landing page where they will enter in their contact information to claim the offer.

Finally, they’ll be sent to a thank you page, which is where we include any bonus offers or additional incentives.


  1. Test – We work on a variety of different mediums, creatives, audiences to see what sticks.
  2. Scale – We narrow down and focus on what works so that we can dominate and scale in that one area.
  3. Cut – We continue to test to see what isn’t needed. 
  4. Improve – With our new engaged audience, we see how we can grow even more by narrowing in on them and likeminded folks.
  5. Repeat – We repeat what works and make minor adjustments along the way.

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